Legal Toolbox

Twelve Tips for Drop the Hate, Seek the Truth

The hateful defilement of Columbus and many other statues are hate crimes, hurtful to those who express pride in their culture and in the accomplishments of their forebears. Above all, Stay on message.

1. Organize guardians of the statue in your community. Recruit locally.

2. Know Your History: Who erected the statue? Why? Share the story.

3. Determine Ownership: Who is responsible for upkeep, preservation?

4. Embrace as a venue for public celebrations of pride and identity.

5. Retain local counsel and plan legal strategy in advance.

6. Build social media/communications/outreach presence.

7. Survey elected leaders. Publicize results. Spotlight opponents. Thank supporters.

8. Raise resources/awareness via an online fundraising campaign platform.

9. Reach out to the opposition. Dialogue.

10. Encourage/Support/Press law enforcement to protect public property.

11. Seek relief in federal court. Injunctions, temporary restraining orders.

12. Offer Reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution.


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