Our Mission

Italian American history and heritage are cultural pillars in so many American cities from coast to coast. The achievements of the Italian American community continue to have a profound and lasting impact on the country and our collective identity.

The Italian American story is the immigrant story, a story with which so many can identify. The pride Italian Americans have in their heritage is the pride every immigrant community possesses.

That’s why we are standing together to show our solidarity with Italian American communities nationwide supporting the celebration of Columbus Day, including our successful battle to preserve the Christopher Columbus statue in New York City’s Columbus Circle.

All across America Columbus Day is being replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day. See below and click on the link below the map for more information.

Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day Map and State Details

The Columbus Heritage Coalition advocates to protect, preserve, and promote the historical legacy of the great explorer Christopher Columbus. The Coalition comprises more than 40 Italian American groups and as a 501c4 organization lobbies, campaigns, and organizes to combat attacks on Columbus, and Columbus Day, the national holiday celebrated by millions of Americans annually. The Coalition opposes the hateful attacks against statues fueled by misleading and misinformed narratives that ignore facts and historical context. The Coalition is a strong supporter for an official national day of celebration for indigenous peoples, but not the effort to supplant Columbus Day.

The National Columbus Education Foundation was organized to promote education and conduct research, studies, and analysis relating to Christopher Columbus. The Foundation focuses on policy solutions to preserve Columbus Day with an emphasis on correcting the false narrative surrounding the famed explorer. The Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organized by the nation’s leading Italian American organizations in the U.S., the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the Italians Sons and Daughters of America, the National Italian American Foundation, the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy and UNICO Nation.