Scholastic Lesson Plans

“America is made of many different ethnic communities and cultures, 
and each of them has proudly contributed to building its prosperity.”

                                                                       Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele
                                                                       Consolato Generale d’Italia New York


The Universality of Italian Heritage Curriculum 

The Universality of Italian Heritage Curriculum is an indispensable academic tool and resource developed for teachers of grades Kindergarten through 12.  These materials are the product of a multi-year initiative of The Curriculum Development Committee of the New Jersey Italian American Commission, working in close consultation with the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE).  These educational materials meet all DOE Core Curriculum Content Standards.  The lesson plans are carefully designed, inclusive, thoroughly tested, and, beyond question, relevant to all students.  The Commission, founded in 2002, seeks “to build and strengthen the cultural identity of Italians and Italian Americans through public educational programs that preserve and promote an accurate, bias-free and non-stereotyped understanding and awareness of historical and current contributions and accomplishments of people of Italian heritage.” 

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“Many is the time I have wished
 that God would again inspire me,
 and that I had Cicero’s gift of eloquence,
 to extol the indescribable service to God and to the whole world,
 which Christopher Columbus rendered at the cost of such pain and dangers, such skill
 and expertise, when he so courageously discovered the new world.” 
                                                                                            –Bartolomé de las Casas
                                                                                              History of the Indians, pp34-5