NY Post – Columbus Forever

Columbus — at least, the statue that dominates Columbus Circle — is safe: Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now engineered both state and federal landmark protection for the historic monument.

This time, the gov wasn’t really big-footing Mayor Bill de Blasio, who long ago backed off from the idea of removing the Great Explorer. The mayor’s ridiculous Monuments Commission wound up suggesting only adding a nearby plaque to appease the critics, and even that pointless project seems stalled.

But Columbus will remain a target for lefty statue-smashers long after de Blasio has moved on: Progressives just can’t set aside their obsessions with the ills of European colonialism and imperialism, nor resist judging the 15th-century genius by 21st-century lights.

They’d have come back, again and again, until they got their way. Cuomo has now made that far harder. Good for him.