Contact the NEA – Help Save Columbus Day

For too many years Christopher Columbus has been under attack with a false narrative to discredit him. It is unfortunate that now he is under attack by the largest teachers association in the country, the National Education Association (NEA).

Below you will find information from IAOVC (ONE VOICE), which brought this to my attention, and is requesting our support in spreading their message. You can copy and paste to share this information or forward this email to your contacts or use the forward and share links at the bottom. There are also instructions in the letter from Manny Alfano below about how to support our efforts to reach out to the President of the NEA.

I hope that you will join me in sending an email to as many organizations and people in our community as possible to educate and recruit them in an effort to counter the resolution by the NEA.

Please show your support for Columbus Day by having your voice heard. In unity we have strength.  Thank you.

All my best,

Angelo Vivolo
Columbus Heritage Coalition

Italian American One Voice Coalition
P.O. Box 2333 Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone 1 (844) 862-8623 (844 UNA-VOCE) or 201 953-0135
President Dr. Manny Alfano
“Say Nothing, Do Nothing and you will surely Become Nothing!”

TIME TO ACT! By opposing the NEA campaign to eliminate Columbus Day by replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day.


At our Saturday Video Call we established the ACTION PLAN for our Task Force members.  We are uniting our efforts to have the best chance at stopping the NEA from eliminating Columbus Day in America.   We need to WORK TOGETHER!

On Tuesday August 13, 2019 have as many of your members and supporters as possible email and call (do both please!) the following:

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García at
and call:  NEA Headquarters 202-833-4000

Be polite and professional, but firmly object to NEA’s July resolution to eliminate Columbus Day.  And, urge the NEA to OVERTURN that Resolution.

If any of your members or supporters are Teachers and/or members of the NEA, have them object to the NEA using their dues to eliminate Columbus Day.

+++ By all of us joining together and getting as many as we can to fight this attack on our heritage and civil rights, we can hopefully prevail.

In coordination with the email and phone calls, IAOVC is launching a media  campaign via press release, social media, TV and radio interviews to support overturning NEA’s resolution to eliminate Columbus Day.

We thank the organizations who were on the call!  And, we ask ALL of you to UNITE in this effort by following the above first part of the ACTION PLAN.

We have more activities planned, but we urgently need you to start with the above.

Thanks, in advance. Yours in UNITY!
Manny Alfano
President – IAOVC