#ItalyStayStrong – Let’s all help

I hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. It is a time for unity and support. Please take a moment to read the letter below from Francesco Genuardi, Console Generale d’Italia a New York.  

The COVID-19 emergency has placed Italy and the United States before an unprecedented challenge. Italy and Italians have responded with courage, from doctors and nurses on the front line to law enforcement officers, from the many volunteers to businesses, to all the citizens who every day make great sacrifices. Throughout the emergency, the United States—the Administration, the private sector, no-profit organizations and our American friends—have shown solidarity and unity toward our Country and people.

Given the situation, the Embassy of Italy and ISSNAF, in collaboration with the Italian consular and cultural network in the US, have launched the #ItalyStayStrong fundraising campaign through GoFundMe to assist Italy and its people. The funds will be devolved to three Italian medical and research institutes that not only have been at the forefront of the outbreak relentlessly fighting the pandemic, but are also engaged in scientific research of therapies and vaccines:

– the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome
– the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan
– the Cotugno Hospital in Naples

You can make your donation by visiting the following link.

Please join us in supporting the #ItalyStayStrong campaign by following us on social media and helping us spread the word.

We are grateful to be able to count on your support.

Francesco Genuardi
Console Generale d’Italia a New York
Consolato Generale d’Italia a New York
690, Park Avenue New York, NY 10065
T +1 212-439-8605

Please share this information with your colleagues, friends and members. You can post it to your own website and social media accounts as well as do an emailing. Thank you in advance. Stay well. 

Angelo Vivolo
Columbus Heritage Coalition