Is New York Getting Better?

If you are a New Yorker or care about New York, you’ll want to hear what Tom di Napoli has to say. Comptroller Di Napoli, the state’s chief financial officer, is also the state’s senior statewide office holder, having served since 2007. He is the sole trustee of the state’s $272 billion pension fund portfolio. His office is charged with fiscal and program auditing for every level of state and local government. And needless to say, Tom proudly marches with us up Fifth Avenue each year at the Columbus Day Parade. The Columbus Heritage Coalition is honored to host Comptroller Di Napoli in partnership with the Columbus Citizens Foundation at the Manhattan townhouse, where he will provide his learned assessment and forecast of the state and city economy. Please stop by and join us on Monday at 6 pm at 8 E 69th Street.

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