The Truth Squad

Published in 1980,  Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” unleashed a damning critique of Western Civilization through a Marxist lens.  Zinn chose Christopher Columbus as the avatar for his condemnation of contemporary society. By 2022, largely on the theories set forth in Zinn’s book, the great navigator had been deconstructed into a target of vilification and hate for a new generation.  The Columbus Heritage Coalition insists all fair-minded people must drop the hate and seek the truth.  The Truth Squad has compiled the links below to assist those wishing to pursue the truth and determine whether Zinn’s work deserves a place outside the category of fact-based inquiry, rigorous analysis, and peer-reviewed validation.

◦ A short video that outlines major themes 10 Truths and Columbus

◦ A point/counter-point by Robert Petrone, one of our most knowledgeable Columbus advocates

◦ A rendered presentation by Professor Mary Grabar, author and expert on the Zinn lies Columbus Day Special: Zinn, Engels and Columbus

◦ A recent analysis of our progress and the challenges ahead