Please Take Action Now!

Senator Jessica Ramos is plunging ahead with hurtful and divisive legislation to end Columbus Day, which celebrates the courage and contributions of hundreds of millions of immigrants who followed the Italian explorer and his Spanish supporters in search of freedom and a better life.

The Ramos Amendment will end the holiday and rededicate the celebration to indigenous people. At least one dozen members of the Senate have publicly called for an end to the Columbus Celebration and the takedown of Columbus statues. Senator Ramos clearly stated her view when she said, “We need to recognize and honor those who lived on this land, not the colonizer who stole it.” Don’t be fooled: The Ramos Amendment targets our parades, our celebrations, our statues, and our heritage. This is an existential struggle for the truth.

“Drop the Hate” is a campaign to stop the attacks on Columbus Day in New York. You can help by tapping the green arrow below to the Senate public comment page, where you can read the Ramos amendment, vote “Nay,” and leave a special message for the Senator. Please share the link with family and friends. We must drive as many of our supporters to publicly express their outrage and opposition on the site hosting the amendment and viewed by influencers and the media.

Please take action now.

Thank you.

Angelo Vivolo
Columbus Heritage Coalition