NYC Council advances bid that could yank monuments honoring Washington, Jefferson, Columbus

By Carl Campanile
New York Post

New York’s City Council — which just passed a budget that’s already been deemed a flop — is now spending some of its time advancing a plan that could kill off monuments honoring figures such as George Washington.

The Democratic-led council’s Cultural Affairs Committee is set to hold a public hearing Tuesday on a proposal to yank artworks from city property dedicated to historical figures such as George Washington, Peter Stuyvesant and Christopher Columbus because of their controversial pasts.

But critics immediately branded the effort as cancel culture run amok.

“Columbus was a migrant!’’ fumed Angelo Vivolo, president of the Columbus Heritage Coalition.

Vivolo vowed to fight any attempt to remove monuments of the famous Italian explorer from city parkland — including the most recognizable statue at Columbus Circle.


Peter Stuyvesant Statue in New York City.